While studying Physics I found those who were from a Pure Mathematics background were above Physicists as they could think and imagine at the abstract level. But at times the Mathematicians found limitations to give a "physical form" to mathematical findings such as a Dirac Function or a Fourier transform etc. It is here Physicist gave a shape to the abstract mathematical function which explains several physical phenomena noticed in higher physics areas. So, to untie the complexity of Physics for those at the school level or those who practice medicine using highly sophisticated diagnostic machines, I felt to start writing in simple words to put at ease the anxieties of this section of knowledge seekers. My Biophysics, Electronics, IT, Engineering Science, Project Management, and Echocardiography knowledge forms the cornerstone in overcoming the difficult obstacles I faced in the course of my studies and work. So my dear folks I plan to write in the following areas to share my ideas viz., 1. Taking the fear out of Physics for School Kids 2. Health, Cardiac Anatomy and Pathologies 3. Physics in Diagnostic Machines 4. Cyber Security Issues for Common Man 5. How to choose a PhD supervisor? 6. Preparing for PMP exam 7. Preparing for RDCS exam of ARDMS 8. Except for Drugs, we hardly hear about the other two mafias operating in our world!

Dr. Cameron Ahmad

B. Sc (Hon) in Physics, M. Sc (Biophysics & Electronics). M. Tech (Applied Optics), PhD (Engineering Science), PMP, RDCS, DMS, CET, AScT, CTDP & CECC